Look Out for These 5 Items in Your Travel Insurance Plan for Extra Assurance When Travelling Free & Easy

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Travelling is all about embracing the unexpected. Forget noisy tour groups — chance encounters with friendly locals and surprising discoveries off-the-beaten track (literally!) make your jaunts worthwhile.

An intrepid globetrotter like yourself needs travel insurance that covers you at a higher level and provides a sense of security. So, rather than going for the cheapest travel insurance policy you can find, spend a little more time looking for a comprehensive plan. That way, you can go forth and adventure without fear.

Here’s what to look out for when buying travel insurance for better peace of mind on your next vacation.


Double indemnity for road accidents

Embarking on a self-drive road trip brings to mind Jack Keroauc’s tales of the open road. Whether you’re driving down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, or exploring New Zealand’s North and South Islands, a run-of-the-mill accident plan will not do when you’re behind the wheel, especially in a foreign country.

Just in case, choose a travel insurance that covers you adequately for road accidents overseas. Driving on unfamiliar roads at higher speed limits than you’re used to can be an exhilarating experience, but Singaporeans have gotten into accidents when driving overseas, so make sure you are well-protected.


Full coverage for terrorism

Being an intrepid explorer sometimes means venturing to places that not many have dared to set foot in. But on the downside, in more exotic areas, security may not be as tight. Remember, not every country may be as safe as Singapore!

In light of the recent Bali and Bangkok attacks, getting coverage for terrorism is a good idea. For extra assurance, make sure your travel insurance plan covers you for nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. Do also check the cap on the policy’s terrorism cover — is it low with exclusions, or full coverage?



In an emergency situation overseas, your top priority would be evacuation from the country and returning home safely. Whether you find yourself in a medical emergency and need to be rushed home for medical treatment, or have to be rescued from a terrorist attack, you’ll want to get out of there as soon as possible.

Touch wood, but it’s always good to be kiasu. Evacuation is likely to be extremely expensive, and the last thing you want to have to worry about in an emergency is the cost. So, make sure your travel insurance policy not only covers you for evacuation, but also that the claim limits are sufficiently high.

And always check if the insurance company has certain exclusions. For example, it might not want to evacuate you if you have a pre-existing condition that’s not covered.


Assurance of speedy medical care

No matter where you’re travelling, it’s important to know that you can seek good medical care if you need it. It could be food poisoning, a broken bone from a cycling trip gone awry or something even more serious. In any case, it’s good to have the option of going to a hospital without worrying about the cost. With a good travel insurance plan, you’ll be able to concentrate on getting the medical attention you need, wherever you are.

To complicate matters further, in some countries like China, you might need to pay a deposit before you can be admitted to the hospital. So get a travel insurance plan that enables you to get admitted to the hospital for free (and quickly) in such situations.


Compensation for travel / flight misconnection

A travel inconvenience such as a missed flight, train or bus connection will definitely put a damper on your plans. If you are travelling to an exotic or far-flung area, you might have to make several travel connections to get to your final destination, which raises the chances of a travel misconnection happening. This is especially so when you’re travelling free-and-easy and are entirely responsible for managing the administrative side of your trip.

So, it is smart to always make sure that your travel insurance policy compensates you adequately for flight and travel misconnections. This can save you from having to worry about whom to blame and where to get compensation from when you miss a connecting flight or get stranded at an airport for hours. It also enables you to wait in comfort for your next flight or travel connection.


Going on an adventure? Consider the Liberty TourCare Essential Travel Insurance

  • It offers double indemnity for road accidents and coverage of up to $200,000, so you’ll be able to enjoy a road trip with peace of mind.
  • Full coverage for terrorism.
  • Prioritises evacuating policyholders no matter what the cost, yes, even if you have a pre-existing condition.
  • Get admitted to hospital for free, even in countries where paying a deposit is mandatory. Simply show your insurance card and you’ll be admitted without a deposit.


The Liberty TourCare Essential Travel Insurance keeps you safe on your overseas adventures. Click here to book a travel insurance plan for your next trip.

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