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Looking for the most updated list of free parking spots in Singapore?

When you’re already paying thousands of dollars just for a piece of paper that allows you to own a car… for 10 years, what’s spending a few dollars on parking? For us Singaporeans, everything. It’s exactly because of how expensive it is to own a car here that we want to find the best car park lobang wherever we are. Even if it’s just to save a few dollars. Here is a list of popular locations in Singapore that still offer free parking:


1. Mustafa Centre

First hour free daily, $1 per subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof.


Though their first hour is free, you could get lost in there for days, so be prepared to pay at least $2 for parking anyway. With their new wing, Mustafa Centre proves why it needs to be open 24 hours – because it’ll take that long to find you if you go missing.

2. East Coast Park

Free parking daily in Car Parks B, C, D, F, G and H.


While some of the carparks at East Coast Park have been outfitted with those dreaded barriers, car parks B to H remain free.


3. IKEA Tampines / Giant Tampines

Free parking daily. Carparks are open from 7am to 11pm.


Sure, it can be a little out of the way for some, but if you’re planning to stock up for the imminent zombie apocalypse, there’s really no better place to get all your survival needs.


4. The Grandstand

Free parking daily.


The Grandstand is a rather happening place for young, well-to-do families to hang out and relax. Live the atas lifestyle at one of their many restaurants, or check out PasarBella, a farmers market.


5. West Coast Park

Free parking daily in Carparks 2 and 3.


While perhaps not as picturesque as East Coast Park, it’s also not as commercialised or as overcrowded as its eastern counterpart either. If you’re hoping to just get away from it all, this is the place to be. Bring a kite!

6. IMM

Free 2-hour parking daily for first entry only, on Monday to Friday, $0$1.07 per subsequent hour and $0.30 for subsequent 15 minutes thereafter.


Originally offering 3 hours of free parking every day, the long lines of cars snaking around IMM made its popularity pretty obvious. They’ve since reduced it to 2 hours of free parking and limited the offer to weekdays, but honestly, that’s probably not going to deter people from coming.

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7. Jurong Point

Free parking from Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays) for two hours between 12pm to 2pm, $1.07 per subsequent hour or part thereof.


This huge mall at Boon Lay is as crowded as any on Orchard Road. And for good reason too! From its Fairprice Xtra hypermarket, to an entire row of Japanese food outlets in the basement, to Beauty Language, which sells some of the cheapest toiletries in Singapore.


8. Sentosa

Free daily parking at Costa Sands Resort and Sentosa Golf Club Car Park but do note the $2 par car entry charge to enter Sentosa


If you’re looking for an office lunchtime location with a difference, why not head down to Sentosa? Not only do you get the chance to enjoy some good food, there are many things you can do in Sentosa and all of them won’t make your wallet cry.

9. The Star Vista

Free parking from 12noon to 3pm, Monday to Friday

The Star Vista Free Parking

Although it’s a pretty sight at night, the only way to enjoy free parking at The Star Vista is to visit during lunch hours from Monday to Friday. The good news is, there are a lot of really good dining options, and you can also do some shopping at Cold Storage, Guardian and Watsons.


10. Mount Faber Park

Free parking daily.

Henderson Waves Mount Faber Park Free Parking

Whether you’re headed to Mount Faber Park to enjoy the beauty of nature along Henderson Waves, or want to spend a romantic evening at one of the restaurants on Faber Peak, you’ll be glad to know there’s free parking at all three carparks.

11. The Rail Mall

Free parking daily.

The Rail Mall Free Parking Singapore

Whether you’re there to get your groceries at Cold Storage, or to visit the restaurants, or just to admire the unique architecture of the building in this narrow plot of land, you’ll be happy to hear that parking is free. Just be careful though, there are only 95 parking lots available.

12. Dempsey Hill

Free parking daily.

With a huge variety of dining options at Dempsey Hill, from well-known names like Jumbo, Long Beach and Samy’s Curry, to more unique selections at Tawandang Microbrewery and Tree Lizard, there’s something for both groups big and small. And though there’s free parking all over the place, just get there early because the good lots get snapped up quickly each night.

13. Kallang Leisure Park

First hour free parking from Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 6pm. $0.50 per subsequent 30 minutes.

Whether you’re headed to Kallang Leisure Park, or the nearby Kallang Wave Mall, Kallang Theatre or even the Singapore Sports Hub, it might be worthwhile enjoying free parking for an hour. Of course, the further you plan to go, the more time you’ll spend walking there and back.

Do you know any other popular free parking places in Singapore? Share your lobang with us!

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  • geraldtjy

    I think parking at Plaza Singapura is free to curb the fact that driving there requires you to pay at 1 or more ERP gantries for most of those times. Might not be the best to choose from.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, geraldtjy! We’ll add this information to the article.

      • Nancy Oon

        The gantry from orchard is free till 12 noon daily. So if you get into orchard before 12noon, its free.

  • funkyspyspy

    Several HDB Flat’s loading/unloading bay. They may allow you to park there lolol.

  • Putragal

    HI Peter. It seems city square mall no longer free, Refer attachment..
    Any other place is free. I need to park my car for 12 hrs work.. 🙁
    My working time like 4am to 3pm then 1pm to 12am. Need help .. any idea

    • Hi Putragal,

      If you look at your attachment, there is a line under Car Park Charges that says “Click here to view the FREE Weekday Parking promotions”. Click on the link and you should be brought to the details of free parking. Hope that helps!

  • Adrian Koh

    Seletar Mall, weekdays 12pm to 3pm free.

  • Rapheal Azrin

    Punggol Waterway Park

  • Patrick

    Good interesting post! Great effort!

    There is an app that has located 80 or more free parking locations in Singapore.

    It is available in Google Play Store. App name is Vookar

    iOS will be available End May.

  • Xadiq

    I’m over a year late to this, but would like to add that Big Splash now has free parking from 12AM to 5PM, Mondays to Fridays (except on public holidays). Perhaps a review of this article is due? 😀