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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hulu – Which Will Win the Battle For Your Social Life?


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In the rest of the world, media streaming companies fight a daily battle to the death for new subscribers. That’s what you call competition – the fight to offer a customer the best possible value so that he/she will buy from you.

In Singapore, it’s a bit different. SingTel and StarHub have pillow fights with each and call it a “war” for new customers. You, of course, get screwed because you don’t have any other choice but those two clowns over TV and streaming media services.

Oh, wait. You do! If you’ve read our article on hooking up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or signing up for MyRepublic, you know that you can watch the BEST shows out there (uncensored I might add) for a fraction of the cost.

So which one is the best out there?

Take a look at this:




And the Winner Is… Netflix

The winner of this “battle” is actually a no-brainer when you take a look at the numbers. Netflix is more popular, offers better TV shows, and has the largest video library.

In short, the results of this contest are about as one-sided as a North Korean “democratic” election. Really though, just because Netflix obliterates the competition doesn’t mean that Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime are bad media streaming service providers.

Because let’s face it, if Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime went up against SingTel mioTV and StarHub TV, it would be about as sad as watching a match between Manchester United and Fulham. It’s not a contest, it’s an embarrassment.


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