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8 Sports and Adventure Activities to Enjoy at a Discount Thanks to The Entertainer

Joanne Poh



Mobile app The Entertainer has been blamed for expanding waistlines in Singapore, thanks to their 1-on-1 offers on main courses at restaurants.

But of course, not wanting to single-handedly make Singapore a fatter nation, they’ve thrown in some sports and adventure deals so you can get moving at a discount.

Here are eight sports and adventure activities you can enjoy, discounts courtesy of The Entertainer.


Wave House

36 Siloso Beach Walk

Phone: 6377 3113

The non-existent waves at Sentosa’s beaches are too weak to carry a paper boat more than two metres from the shore, let alone surf. Wave House was set up at Sentosa so disappointed beachgoers could make a beeline for their surf simulator.

Of course, “surfing” at Wave House isn’t quite the same as the real thing. But it’s fun and a good workout. Thanks to The Entertainer, you get 1-for-1 60 minute Double Flowrider sessions, which usually cost $35 but will now be just $17.50 each.


Forest Adventure

Bedok Reservoir Road

Phone: 8100 7420

So, Ah Meng was your idol when you were a kid? It’s not too late to follow in the footsteps of your role model. Forest Adventure is Singapore’s only treetop obstacle course, a concept which has already taken off in many other countries.

Secured by a harness so you don’t fall to your death, you’ll zipline, climb, balance and slide your way through the forest canopy. With The Entertainer, enjoy 1-on-1 runs on the Grand Course, which usually cost $50.



Open Field at Old Holland Road

Phone: 6779 1031

Have you ever eaten so much you felt ready to roll home? Now you can experience that minus the eating part with Land ZOVB, which enables you to roll down a slope in a giant ball. It’s similar to zorbing, except that the kind of balls used is slightly different.

With The Entertainer, you get 1-on-1 admission. Land ZOVBing costs $50 for two roll-downs, so grab a friend and get rolling.



27 West Coast Highway #02-24 WestWay Mall

Phone: 8809 3535

Can’t afford a country club membership? Who needs that when you’ve got indoor golf. As an added bonus, you won’t have to play with snooty businessmen.

At HappyGolf, enjoy 1-for-1 60 minute introductory golf classes worth about $69, or 60 minute screen golf sessions worth about $44. You even won’t have to slater yourself in sunscreen or worry about the sweltering weather since you’ll be indoors.


Laser Clay Shooting

Open field at Old Holland Road

Phone: 6770 1031

Ever feel like shooting people? Take those violent tendencies and shoot clay pigeons instead. At Laser Clay Shooting, you’ll be using 12 bore shotguns that emit infrared beams, not real bullets. And as you’ll be shooting clay targets, not people, nobody needs to die.

Get a friend to accompany you, because The Entertainer gets you 1-for-1 admission. Call them up to make an appointment—prices vary depending on the size of your group and how long you plan to stay.


Skate With Us

229 Mountbatten Road #02-41 Mountbatten Square

Phone: 6246 6362

Even someone with the grace of an elephant can learn to inline skate. Don’t believe us? Book a lesson with Skate With Us. Thanks to The Entertainer, you get 1-for-1 private coaching sessions, which usually cost $90, and which should enable even the most club-footed amongst us to master the basic moves.

Bear in mind that they also offer a free trial class, which you can claim before you sign up for your class and pay with The Entertainer.


Gogreen E-mobility Lifestyle Hub

It seems legs have gone out of style. These days, Singaporeans prefer to zip around on kick scooters, hoverboards and electric bicycles instead.

Thanks to Gogreen E-mobility Lifestyle Hub, you can postpone the use of your legs even further by exploring the Marina Bay area on wheels. The Entertainer offers you 1-on-1 2-hour rentals on bicycles (usual price $26), e-scooters (usual price $59) and Segway miniPROs (usual price $59).


Katapult Trampoline Park

81 Lorong Checharu #01-11

Phone: 6754 5188

Bouncing around in a giant room filled with trampolines sounds like something out of a Japanese variety show, but you can do just that right here in Singapore at Katapult Trampoline Park.

Enjoy 1-for-1 admission with The Entertainer. An hour of jumping around will cost you $15/$19 on weekdays/weekends, while two hours will cost $28/35.

Don’t have The Entertainer yet? Get your subscription here at a deep discount!

What are your favourite sports and adventure activities in Singapore? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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