Is it More Costly to be a Taylor Swift Fan in Singapore? The Answer May Surprise You


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Are you crazy about Taylor Swift? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who is. I know plenty of people who have been looking forward to the singer’s “RED Tour” for months. And now her first of two concerts in Singapore is set to kick off tonight.

Thankfully, if you weren’t able to land tickets for tonight’s gig, you can still try to book tickets for Taylor Swift’s second concert in Singapore on the 12th. Of course, the more you delay, the tougher it will be to get your hands on tickets (unless you plan on paying the “iron” price).

On the subject of concert tickets, one thing my friends and I can agree on is how ridiculously high ticket prices are in Singapore. I mean, tickets have to be cheaper elsewhere right?

As it turns out, Singapore isn’t the most expensive place to watch Taylor Swift sing about her many breakups.

In fact, it’s one of the RED Tour’s cheaper options.


Singapore is Far From the Most Expensive Place to Watch a Taylor Swift Concert

In Singapore, we are used to paying a premium price for entertainment. It doesn’t matter if the concert features the hottest performer today or 30 years ago, the tickets will usually range between $70+ and $300 per ticket.

Taylor Swift’s concert ticket prices are no different. But what about the rest of the concert destinations – would it have been cheaper to watch her sing in Manila or Kuala Lumpur?

Well, you might be surprised with the answer.

Here’s the cost breakdown for Taylor Swift tickets in the region:

Location Red Zone Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Singapore, Singapore N/A $288 $228 $188 $108
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $283 $194 $154 $115 N/A
Jakarta, Indonesia $423 $317 $211 $132 $85
Manila, Philippines $564 (VIP)/$473 $290 $230 $169 $61
Yokohama, Japan $297/$284 $258 $245/$239 $226/$206 $194
Shanghai, China $456 $316 $256 $196 $136/$96
Bangkok, Thailand (Cancelled) $250 $212 $115 $77 N/A

As you can see from the RED Tour destinations above, the price per ticket, especially for seats by the stage are actually much more affordable in Singapore than almost any other destination with the exception of Bangkok and Malaysia (cancelled due to the coup).

Even when you compare the prices of Category 1 through Category 3 tickets, Singapore maintains ticket prices that are quite competitive.


The Verdict – Being a Taylor Swift fan in Singapore is Expensive, but Not as Expensive as You Think

I would have thought that being a Taylor Swift fan in Malaysia and Indonesia would have been at least twice as cheap considering the differences in currency/cost of living.

However, the price difference only comes into play when buying the “cheaper” Category 3 and Category 4 tickets, as the “good” seats are actually competitively priced between the different tour destinations.

Even if you wanted to save a few bucks on a ticket by traveling to any of the other destinations on this list above, you’d still have to deal with the travel and lodging expenses, which probably double the cost of watching the concert.

Finally, there’s no question that being a Taylor Swift fan in Bangkok is MUCH CHEAPER than any of the other tour destinations – but the recent coup in Thailand ruined that little victory, as the concert was cancelled as a result.

Being a Taylor Swift fan is still expensive, but it’s still cheaper than most other places, especially when it comes to paying for the best seats in the house.


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