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3 Best Credit Cards for Clubbing and Pubbing in Singapore

best credit cards for clubbing

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These days, the only kind of clubbing I do is when burglars break into my house. Then it’s “Say hi to Mr. golf club punk; take that, and that, and oh my lord is that you, dad?” But that isn’t to say I don’t know clubbing. Heck, I’ve puked in every club toilet in the country. Yes, I know the price of drinking alright…to the last dollar. And now, I’m ready to present the best credit cards for clubbing:


1. American Express Platinum Credit Card

The American Express Platinum Credit Card has seriously levelled up on its dining and entertainment offers over the past year, and if you’re in the mood to hit up some of the most popular and current bars in town, this is most certainly the card to have. Here’s just a sample of the perks you can get:

  • Gem Bar: 1-for-1 on first drink
  • Maison Ikkoku: Complimentary bespoke cocktail
  • Quaich Bar: Complimentary whisky sampler
  • The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar: Complimentary glass of house wine
  • The Secret Mermaid: 1-for-1 on first drink
  • The Spiffy Dapper: Complimentary bespoke cocktail

If you really wanted to, and can actually be bothered to hop around these places, you could get totally knackered for a fraction of what you would normally spend at any one of these joints. But that’s not the point, of course.

The card also comes with two other lifestyle membership cards which boast some ridiculously good dining offers, so if you happen to be the sort whom the bartenders know on a first name basis, you should seriously consider getting this card.

If you are interested in the American Express Platinum Credit Card, you can apply here.


2. Citi Clear Platinum Card

The Citi Clear Platinum nabs you direct price discounts, which is always attractive. It’s also the most versatile card on this list; as good for dining as it is for clubbing. There’s even a petrol discount, because what better way to discourage drink driving? Anyway, some great features:

Flash this card at Zouk and you get free entry, if you’re one of the first 300. You also get one-for-one drinks at Wine Bar, for the entire night. So if you really are fond of Zouk, or have a secret desire to be an Alcoholics Anonymous success story, this card is the best on the list.

Other benefits are 5% off at Esso, and a 6% rebate from shopping at Tangs. As if you’d be in a fit state to use any of that the day after.

If you would like to apply for the Citi Clear Platinum card, you can apply here.


3. DBS Black American Express Card

If collecting rewards points is your thing, then when it comes to nightlife, the DBS Black American Express Card is definitely the card to have. Specifically designed around nightbirds, this card boasts a wide range of lifestyle benefits for people who insist on staying out late. Some key benefits include:

  • Earn 10X points on drinks, dining and movies
  • For all other spend, earn an accelerated 3X points during the first 6 months, and 2X thereafter.
  • Fuel savings of up to 18% at Esso from 7pm – 7am daily
  • Access to American Express Selects offers and benefits

While this card might be targeted at individuals with a higher annual income, if you’re one to party regularly, and by regularly we don’t mean buying drinks at 7-11 before going into a club for 1 hour every other day, then you’re going to want to maximise whatever benefits you accrue while spending all that cash.

If you’re interested in applying for the DBS Black American Express Card, you can apply here.


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