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We once received an email from a reader who not only doused us with gallons of praise but also told us he loved reading our articles SO much that he was going to drop by our office the next morning and reward all our writers; buying each one a cup of coffee! This happened on a Wednesday.

On Thursday, we experienced a miracle like no other – the entire editorial team made it to work at 9am sharp. Each of us gleaming at the thought of not having to spend $1.50 for our morning dose of ‘wake-me-up’ juice. You see, to us MoneySmarties, every cent saved is a cause for celebration. And so we lay in wait.

At 10am when the office cleaning lady rang the doorbell and heard the entire office erupt in screams and cheers, she left.

By noon, we were all fast asleep due to the lack of caffeine. And needless to say, heartbroken.


Coffee Heartbreak
Those aren't coffee beans, man. They're pieces of our broken heart.


So if you’re going to contact us, all we ask is please don’t phunk with our hearts.¬†Jokes aside however, we’d absolutely LOVE to hear from you, whoever you are. We appreciate constructive criticism just as much as we do compliments and are always happy to connect with our readers.

Free coffee would be nice too.

Drop us a shout below!

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