About MoneySmart

Chicken Nuggets

Having Money doesn’t make you Smart.

Being Smart however, makes you Money.

MoneySmart was conceived with a very simple mission: To deliver important financial information to anyone and everyone, from absolutely every walk of life – and to make it just as comprehensible to a retrenched circus clown as it would be to a finance professional. Because money is important to everyone; and we all need to be smart about it.

As finance enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve spent years both on and offline keeping up with the world of money. It’s hard to disagree with the fact that the internet has become the choice destination for most when it comes to the pursuit of information – there’s just so much of it available online! But let’s face it, having to decipher through brontobytes (that’s SIX levels above gigabytes, in case you’re wondering) of data and a gazillion (that’s a couple of levels above billions, we’d imagine) web pages is no fun.

And that’s precisely why, like free home delivery, we send you bite-sized nuggets of useful finance-related information that is engineered to solve everyday issues we all encounter with our dollars and cents.


Chicken Nuggets
Our nuggets contain less fat. And better figures.


And it’s not all just¬†theoretical! We put our money where our mouth is (or in this case, keyboard) and give you access to web applications specially crafted to help you save – be it in areas of loans, insurance or credit cards!

Most importantly however, we aim to make the understanding of key financial knowledge fun – because that’s exactly what it should be.

Happy reading!